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"Maybe I'll go for the pizza first... Oh God, what's that? It smells like feet."
This naughty dog was caught raiding the fridge in the middle of night, pulling out food from top to bottom. Luckily the incident
Any dog owners will know that a pup's mood can change almost instantly, and this video shows the better side of when that
Ever wondered what it would be like if you gave your pooch a smartphone? We're fairly sure it would end up with you being
You might want to get the Kleenex ready, this one is a tearjerker. Dog owner Norma Miedema shared this video of two loving
Cooper the corgi really wants to play with his toy dog, and nothing is going to stop him - not even a closed door. With a
Dogs don't really get technology. No matter how many times they see another dog on the TV, they never realise that it's not
This adorable little dachshund is too short to reach the sofa, with just a little bit too much space between his tiny legs
'Star Wars' fever is in full swing across the world. It's so popular, even the animals are getting involved! Paw Warz: The