David Blunkett

Former Labour education secretary suggests teachers should follow lead of supermarket staff in dealing with risk.
The five things you need to know about politics today
'The so-called ‘new style of politics’ is anything but.'
'Jeremy Corbyn will be the next prime minister if he stops being Jeremy Corbyn.'
The former cabinet minister is battling a brain tumour.
National Citizen Service could also play key role in voter turnout.
A national skills programme has boosted the number of young people from the poorest backgrounds going to university by 50
Whatever the outcome on 9 June, it is certain that it will be the giving of time and commitment, the rebuilding of community and the counterweight of civil society to the predominance of any political party, which will provide the glue to hold our society together. I hope NCS will be able to play a significant part in that process.
The Labour Party faced fresh questions over the running of its leadership election after it emerged that former Cabinet Minister
Jeremy Corbyn would keep Labour in opposition as that’s what he’s best at, former Labour Home Secretary David Blunkett warned
Labour splits over Tory welfare plans deepened today as both Yvette Cooper and Andy Burnham vowed to sort out the 'confusion
Labour is being swept away by an SNP "tsunami" in Scotland that will likely leave it unable to win a majority on May 7, David
The man who put stun guns in the hands of British police has called for their use to be questioned following the release
To pretend racism doesn't play a role in generating hostility towards, and anxiety over, immigration is naive, if not disingenuous. Those who piously claim that opposition to immigration in the UK isn't driven by prejudice, bigotry and hysteria, but rather by "legitimate concerns" over rising migrant numbers and a growing pressure on public services, should try answering the following five questions.
Migration is a fact of life. Humans have moved around the world for hundreds of thousands of years. It's hard to blame someone for wanting to improve his or her circumstances. My parents made the same decision when they realised I had polio. After he came to London my father never saw his parents again. My mum and dad made huge sacrifices for which I will always be grateful.
Defence Secretary Michael Fallon was right to speak out about immigration, despite the outcry over his use of the term "swamped
The Chilcot Inquiry into the 2003 Iraq War should be published before the general election, William Hague has insisted. There
Ed Miliband has slammed David Cameron for hiring Andy Coulson as a spin doctor, saying his conviction for phone hacking today
Labour could be in the political wilderness until 2030 if it fails to win next year's general election, former Cabinet minister