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‘Gone Girl’ writer Gillian Flynn has revealed that a sequel could be in the pipeline. SEE MORE: Did Jennifer Garner Mind
Gone Girl may be based on Gillian Flynn's best selling novel, but there's no shadow of a doubt who directed it. Though his opening titles are usually the standout moments of most of David Fincher's films, here each credit is so brief it barely registers.
David Fincher’s 'Gone Girl' was premiered at the New York Film Festival on Friday, with the cast and director in attendance
Rosamund Pike has spilled the beans about her raunchy sex scenes in the forthcoming thriller, ‘Gone Girl’. The British actress
Word of Fincher directing Gone Girl was doing the rounds since January of last year, but it was confirmed only when Ben Affleck was officially chosen in July for the lead role of Nick Dunne.
Christian Bale could be in line to play Steve Jobs in David Fincher's planned biopic about the founder of Apple. A previous
The UK is a nation of cinema fans, with one in five people over the age of 15 visiting the cinema at least once a month. If you're one of them you may want to start planning your visits now, so I've highlighted 12 upcoming films, one for each month, that make 2014 such an exciting year.
Kate Mara, who stars in the US version of 'House of Cards', admits that she has never seen a frame of the original BBC drama
David Fincher, one of Hollywood's most respected directing talents, celebrates his 50th birthday today. David Fincher can
My brother, Stijn and I could have never imagined that the music of our Belgian Indie choir would be used in a trailer of a real Hollywood movie.