You can make a living in these careers on a par with anything that you need a university degree for.
The issue is not what length or type of programme is better; the real issue is that the choice reflects the needs of the students and of society in general.
40 websites offering fraudulent degree certificates have been shut down.
Graduating students must stop posting photos of their degrees to social media to help fight fake university qualifications
But a new apprenticeship scheme means they won't have to go to university.
All new police officers in England and Wales will need a degree level qualification from next year under plans to address
2. Make your LinkedIn profile look superb 85% of hiring managers look at LinkedIn profiles according to Viveca Von Rosen
In today's fast-paced job market, you hardly have time to stop and think. Whether I was at work waiting on a client to dial in to a weekly call, or just out for pleasure waiting for a friend to arrive, the image I had in my head was the same. I kept seeing the timer from our work spreadsheets software rolling on and on, telling me I really didn't have time to waste.
Dissertation deadlines creeping nearer, graduation dates announced, exam timetables released - the end of U.N.I is nigh. The question is, will we make it? It's not as if we haven't been training ourselves for this moment for the last two and a half years. It's the final stretch. But what if we fall at the last hurdle? What if our pole-vault snaps halfway up? What if...okay I've gone insane.
Brace yourselves: freshers' week is coming. Over the next few weeks, a new wave of hundreds of thousands of fresh-faced students will be descending upon university campuses up and down the country for their first taste of university life...