"Donald Trump is often guilty of the very things he accuses of others," MSNBC's Ari Melber says in the viral video.
Before delivering his speech to the DNC, Bernie Sanders was caught on live stream being adorable with wife Jane.
MSNBC's Chris Matthews has also speculated whether the Democrat frontrunner wants to see people executed in Central Park.
"Your words demonstrate a contempt for women who dare to do their jobs or speak truth to power which reflects poorly on you," wrote the Democratic Women's Caucus.
Juli Briskman will now be on the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors.
President Trump used his speech at the presidential turkey pardon to take cheap jabs at Democrats.
It seems the #MeToo movement has shifted the dial somewhat among women voters. But it’s not enough. It's time the movement became more inclusive to make sure that next time, no-one gets left behind
After the country's two rival blocs failed to secure a governing majority, Sweden is set to have another coalition government. The uncertainty is heightened after a far-right party gained more seats than ever, seen as a response to large-scale immigration.
"I'm not going anywhere," she says. "I have a big stake in what happens in this country. I'm unbowed and unbroken about what happened. I don't want it to happen to anyone else, or to happen to the values or institutions I care about... We're at a very pivotal point, so I'm going to keep writing, and talking, and supporting the people who are on the front lines of the resistance."
In Bernie Sanders' town hall interview on Monday the 9th he was asked what Democrats should do to win in the next election