digital detox

At a restaurant the other night I noticed as normal, side by side to the cutlery, the obligatory smartphone. Mine was in my bag, not that I want to be smug about it. As soon as one diner of two got up to go the bathroom, the smart phone was picked up.
As our love of technology grows, wellbeing experts are becoming increasingly vocal about the need to stay alert to the dangers
It made headline news across the world, and caused a storm on Twitter, but now twerking is assured of its place in history
In light of the recent news that Facebook is making us unhappy little bunnies, we couldn't think of any better timing. Now
The digital detox holiday will be a global trend during 2013, according to experts at 2012's World Travel Market in London. Digital detox refers to a process by which travellers attempt to disconnect from technology by surrendering their mobile phones, laptops and tablets on check-in at their hotel.