Is it too early to talk about Christmas yet? Can't be... I've heard Chris Rea sing about 'Driving home for Christmas' in shops (don't worry Chris you'll make it you've got over a month) and the BIG Christmas adverts have premiered on TV. So please don't block my blogs as I'm talking about Christmas already.
The art of cooking the perfect steak seems to elude most of us. But help is at hand. In the fight for better bovine we’ve
This burrito is utterly delicious and you can taste every single flavour with each bite. All of of ingredients blend beautifully together to create a lovely lunch or dinner option which is fresh, healthy & filling.
I'm torn between the two. I've been a vegetarian at certain points throughout my life, going through spells of giving up meat for a month or two. But I could never resist the bacon sandwich rituals that take place in my house.
With Christmas just around the corner, lots of us are looking to cut down our spending to save for the indulgent time of year. We were shocked to read last week that most people in the UK eat only one portion of fruit and veg every day - and all too often the reason is cost, according to research by the National Charity Partnership.
Our starters arrived not long afterwards, and the Moroccan Salads were brought over to us on a tall metal cake stand, which was filled with small dishes. Each salad was refreshing, and full of flavour and I especially enjoyed the green beans and the fennel.
On our second night in Marrakech we had dinner booked at The Selman hotel, which is a 5 star hotel situated about 15minutes outside the centre. Prior to dinner we decided to visit the La Mamounia hotel for cocktails, as we'd been recommended by friends that it was a must whilst in Marrakech, and we sat in the pretty gardens and enjoyed a refreshing early evening cocktail each.
Make plans and tackle your issues together... over dinner.