Economy and Governance

China is continuing to tighten the financial screws on the U.S. in a damaging trade war.
Drawing on Mandela's legacy, Obama can help the world better understand the nature of the threats to all democratic experiments.
'The questions that come to mind when reviewing South Africa’s foreign policy are: does the country still have a role on the continent?'
'Institutions and groups are abstract notions, but very valuable and exceedingly important abstract notions nonetheless.'
'Supporting local innovation will drive growth and job creation in those companies.'
'Worldwide, it’s the anonymity of private funders that creates the most controversy.'
'I hope you will allow us to earn back the trust we have lost and in doing so, regain our ability to contribute to the future development of South Africa.'
'Is BRICS being strengthened? What benefits will accrue to Africa? And how is the bloc planning to influence global economic governance reform?'
'The scandals engulfing a once-proud Sars continued unabated.'
'A threat to property rights cuts to the heart of a free society, the confidence in its economy and the scope of individuals to live as they choose.'