Economy and Governance

'People who value their own freedom must, in other words, equivalently value the freedom of others.'
Attracting much-needed investment in the country will prove impossible if investors aren't convinced that the rule of law is alive and well.
The writer argues that the neoliberalism inherited from the colonial-apartheid state treats citizens as customers; instead of being run 'like a business', it should focus on the 'public good'.
Cape Town's drought has broken, and the city appears safe from Day Zero through 2019. But we are very far from being out of the woods regarding water...
'We cannot allow Gaza to burn while Hamas plays the fiddle.'
... even as suspended Sars boss Tom Moyane gets dealt a body blow.
'Like a marriage proposal, the ANC will offer us a future. Should we accept their offer?'
'De Lille's victory tells the public nothing about the veracity of the serious claims against her.'
South Africa's youth need a new champion for their dreams to be actualised
Director of the Centre for Constitutional Rights unpacks what the process of the public hearings on land reform and what the process entails.