Street artist Elle painted a three-story-tall mural of the late Supreme Court associate justice in New York City.
The reality TV star called the singer a "force of nature" in an essay for Elle about their summer of love.
Candice Huffine has achieved her long-held dream of being an Elle cover star.  As part of a diverse line up of six models
Watson dressed solely in sustainably-made items.
Emma Watson has been named Elle UK’s ‘Woman of the Year’ due to her “powerful campaigning for gender equality” and we’d like
Daily Mail advice columnist Sally Brampton, who had spoken out publicly about her battle with depression, has died, after
Kylie Jenner has officially staked her place as the biggest beauty chameleon of the Kardashian clan, and her latest shoot
So let's return to that young girl in the art gallery for I believe she can, symbolically speaking, help guide us through this tangled maze. Certainly, she provides us with our first important clue, about the many ways that adolescence itself turns so many confident outward- looking girls into anxious and uncertain young women.
When ELLE magazine launched their "Rebranding Feminism" project last month, there was an uproar among the feminist community.
The sad fact is that many women are afraid to call themselves or define themselves as a feminist due to the alleged social stigma. I believe that this is an example of how influential patriarchy remains within society. Feminists are not 'man-hating' and 'un-feminine' - to be quite frank, I'm sick of these uneducated assumptions.
Earlier this month we brought you the very exciting news that David Beckham was to be the first man ever to grace the cover
Be prepared to do it for the love first. And then probably keep doing it for quite some time. Almost no one, no matter how brilliant they are as an under-graduate, walks into a role these days with a box-fresh degree in English or Journalism and no, or not much, writing experience.
Jessica Simpson is the latest celebrity mummy-to-be to shed her clothes in homage to Demi Moore's iconic 1991 nude pregnancy
With a hit TV series under her belt and Ryan Reynolds as a boyfriend, Blake Lively is never far from the spotlight.
This is a story of three octogenarians. It is 60 years since the death, aged 88, of (William) Randolph Hearst, now the world's second most famous newspaperman. The fearsome publisher-cum-politician, who is debited with creating "yellow journalism", was lampooned in Orson Welles' 1941 movie, Citizen Kane.