England Wales

When Eddie Jones has a point to make he delivers it. There's no beating around the bush, instead he gets straight to the point and speaks his mind in no uncertain terms. It is something that his players have expressed their wholehearted support for and it's something that I personally believe will hold England Rugby in very good stead during the course of his four-year tenure. 
It was a stage that Eddie Jones' England almost slipped up on however their opening purpose combined with sheer will and guts saw them through to deliver a hugely satisfying 25-21 victory.
England was drawn against Wales in the group stage of the 2016 European Championship on Saturday. Roy Hodgson’s men will
On Saturday evening at Twickenham we saw the first game that actually mattered in this Rugby World Cup towards ascertaining where the trophy might ultimately end up...
The fact that individuals haven't been ruled out of the competition due to knocks from the Fijian physicality is hugely encouraging. There's no question that the Welsh will bring physical intensity to Twickenham however not in the same collective manner that the Fijians do...
If I were a headmaster (some thought really!) my report would be predominantly positive, with underlying concerns about being too defensive and encouragement to take the risk and blood some attacking talent. But a pat on the back for the captain and maybe even a gold star.