European Southern Observatory

We’ve all spotted animal shapes in clouds. Well, the Cat’s Paw Nebula is the celestial equivalent. Astronomers at the European
A rare set of atmospheric ‘sprites’ have been caught on camera by the European Southern Observatory in Chile. But this is
This stunning image is of a rainbow some 2,900ft above sea level and was taken near the Chillean town of San Pedro de Atacama
Astronomers have spotted a beautiful - and fairly romantic - sight in deep space: a nebula shaped like an engagement ring
Ever wondered what it would be like to hurtle through the night sky at impossibly vast speeds, watching stars streak silently
A distant galaxy has been spotted feeding off a gigantic cloud of gas. The simplest models of galaxy formation involve clouds
The largest and most detailed photograph of our galaxy ever taken has been unveiled. The gigantic nine-gigapixel image captures
They have discovered exoplanets and second Earths, and brought us a steady stream of astoundingly beautiful space images
The Helix Nebula has been shot for the first time in infrared revealing amazing cometary knots and never-before-seen details