evgeny lebedev

The Labour leader has publicly called into question Boris Johnson's decision to make the ex-KGB officer's son a Lord.
The former Downing Street adviser said the PM was warned the newspaper proprietor was a security risk.
James Cleverly claimed that Evgeny Lebedev does not vote in the House of Lords – just like many of his colleagues.
Keir Starmer said the Intelligence and Security Committee should investigate Evgeny Lebedev's ennoblement.
Other names on the list of peerages include former England cricketer Sir Ian Botham and newspaper owner Evgeny Lebedev.
Broadcaster says he was 'explaining to our audience the significance' of the story.
In his tweets, Rajan highlighted the examples of Bill Deedes and Boris Johnson as precedents for combining politics and journalism
As well as a video of the News Corp owner walking hand-in-hand with his wife Jerry Hall. The party was hosted by Evening