Falkland Islands

Argentina does not have the military capability to invade the Falkland Islands, according defence minister Gerald Howarth
The Falkland Islands constitute one of the last remnants of British colonialism, part of a history of economic piracy stained with the blood of millions who suffered as a consequence. The sooner this history is brought to a close the better.
Argentina's foreign minister has described Britain as being in "imperial decline" after David Cameron accused the country
David Cameron has accused Argentina of "colonialism" in the wake of rising tensions over the Falkland Islands and insisted
The embargo on Falkland Islands ships by South American countries could lead to a deterioration in relations between the
The government today warned Argentina not to doubt its "determination" to protect the Falklands after a South American trading
A South American trading bloc is to ban boats with a Falkland Islands flag from docking at its ports. Mercosur, which includes
Argentina could send athletes to the London Olympics wearing badges stating the country’s claim to the Falkland Islands. The
The Chief of the Defence Staff has denied sending the Duke of Cambridge to the Falkland Islands was designed to provoke Argentina
The Duke of Cambridge's posting to the Falkland Islands has been branded a "provocative act" in Argentina. William, a Flight