Many feel the opposite, which is fair - each to their own. But why is there this need to mock and ridicule those who love it? People scorn the saga for being about vampires and werewolves (and therefore unrealistic), for being lovey-dovey (and therefore unrealistic) and for promoting a worldview through the eyes of a female (and therefore unrealistic).
Miller claims that journalism and fiction are two different kinds of writing obviously, but the challenges remain pretty much the same for both disciplines. Adding that journalism is a very good training for writing fictions: according to him it makes a writer better and more efficient.
Having been interviewed on the authorship of a book about a teenage boy, I notice no-one fails to ask why I wrote from a male perspective. I usually mention that much of the world's cultural output reinforces the male voice - a recent survey of British television found that two thirds of the characters in fictional works were male.
This year's Man Booker Prize has been plagued by accusations of 'dumbing down', or, as the illiterate goons hauled off the street to act as judges might put it, 'dummin' daaan'.
In Brideshead Revisited, which is suffused with sex, the only mention of breasts refers to slices of chicken, breast pockets and Lord Marchmain's breast as he makes the sign of the cross. The solitary reference to thighs is when a man breaks one of his on board ship after falling over while drunk.
Science fiction and fantasy is a genre that effectively shows the difference between ourselves and the Other. From the alien slums in District 9 to the critique of colonialism within an HG Wells novel, the genre's disregard for reality allows cultural thought experiments to run wild.
After the brazen, muscular intervention of Jason Bourne, a reawakened killer who smashes through a catalogue of overpriced
Many years ago, I had a careers chat at school. I was almost mute with fear as I sat down in front of a careers advisor. I was a shy child and always a bit wary (read: terrified) of adults, especially those in authority.
It took the panel of judges just two hours to decide on the 13-strong longlist for this year's Man Booker prize - and there's
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