free trade

We will be outward looking and forward thinking – striking new trade agreements and forging strong alliances will make sure free trade prevails
I was a British diplomat for nearly 40 years and spent a fair proportion of that time promoting British trade - the single market was a magnet, never a hindrance
Whatever the precise mechanism, and whatever the exact terminology, a lot of time and effort will be devoted to keeping things the same. As an outcome it is likely to perplex Leavers and frustrate Remainers.
"We have to stop our jobs being stolen from us", insisted Trump. This struck a chord. With their wages stagnating, dominance
"Brexit means Brexit" the famous buzz line, the words echoed by senior Government ministers and the prime minister, time and time again over the last year and yet the so called simplistic line, used to describe to the British public and media, what leaving the EU means, seems to have disappeared from our papers, but why?
TTIP aimed to curb regulations and remove all customs duties on corporations trading between the US and the EU, as well as removing 'non-tariff trade barriers'. This broad and ill-defined term included any law, financial regulation, ethical code, health standard or environmental protection that restricted the operations of US corporations within the EU.
Mexico’s largest movie theater chain is warning that an end to free trade could shift them to buy popcorn from Argentina instead of the U.S.
It is a preposterous suggestion to say that the European Union is a single market. It is NOT, NEVER has been, and NEVER will be.
Today (December 10) is the International Day for Animal Rights and it is a perfect opportunity to confront the biggest challenge facing animal lovers and advocates alike: how to defend animal welfare legislation as Britain prepares to leave the EU.
Unless there is a serious challenge, Britain is set to increasingly promote a failed model of international trade that will impoverish developing countries still further. It will also likely pursue an aid strategy that supports corporations, neo-liberal economic objectives and wider British foreign policy.