Funny Queen pictures

Ellen DeGeneres: this boy sees your Oscars selfie, and raises you one - Yes, a selfie with the Queen - it doesn't get more
She visited the set of Game Of Thrones. She saw the Iron Throne. The Iron Throne! Yet still Queen Elizabeth II was unimpressed
From Wimbledon to Glastonbury, royals to pop stars, check out this week's round-up of silly snaps...
Thank goodness photobombing Her Majesty the Queen isn't treasonous or punishable by a stint in the Tower of London. Otherwise
What a year for the royals! Prince Harry got naked, the Duchess of Cambridge got pregnant (and a bit naked), and they all
"Take that!", said the Queen - and Gary Barlow did. His OBE, that is. Yes, this was the scene at Buckingham Palace on Wednesday
Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II appears to be doing her darnedest to upstage Charles and Camilla as our favourite funny royal
When it comes to behaving impeccably, being perfectly turned out, and doing and saying the right things at the right time