Gavin and Stacey

The recent Christmas special is now the most-watched TV episode since records began.
Nearly 18 million people tuned into the Christmas special – and they're all hungry for more.
The decision to include an uncensored homophobic slur in the episode sparked a wave of complaints.
Many fans were unhappy to hear the homophobic slur when the divisive song was performed in the recent Christmas special.
The actor has already put pressure on James Corden and Ruth Jones for more episodes after the success of the Christmas special.
There's a nod to both a Shipman family member and the Royal family.
From shock deaths and surprise romances to cliffhanger endings and, errr, yeast infections, we've truly seen it all this year.
James Corden, Ruth Jones, Matt Horne and Joanna Page are back, but have your other favourites made the cut?
It's fair to say expectations are high for the festive reunion, which catches up with the characters 10 years on from the last episode.
The use of the homophobic slur "f****t" in the popular Christmas song has proved a divisive issue in recent years.