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Ed Miliband said he could not recall if he cried after losing the 2015 general election. Speaking to Eddie Mair on Sunday’s
The polling industry is in the doldrums. So anyone wanting future predictions on who will win an election could do worse
We want a democracy that works for everyone: if we are to achieve this, then the principle of equal-seats, effectively restoring the principle of one-member one-vote, ending historic inequalities in our electoral map, must be delivered by a Conservative government.
Labour is now paying for its own silence. It let the anti-migrant narrative go unchecked and, in doing so, it gave ground to the xenophobic factions within the Conservatives and Ukip. With the premiership of Theresa May, the stakes are much higher.
'I love when political adverts come back to haunt people.'
NOW READ: Voters have mocked a Conservative attack on Labour in the run up to last year’s general election. They pointed
Well-liked by MPs from all parties across the House, Jo Cox's proud track record working for Oxfam in the field of overseas aid and development ensured she was highly respected for her expertise... When asked which three words her best friend would use to describe her, she said, simply: "Passionate, compassionate and loyal." She was undoubtedly all three.
Twelve months on from the last General Election, where we were 7% behind the Conservatives, we're now 1% ahead. We've not yet done enough to guarantee victory in 2020, but I believe Labour is moving in the right direction.
Veteran journalist Michael Crick has chased down and confronted the Conservative Party chairman over allegations of serious