Generation Z

TikTok users and K-Pop fans flooded the campaign with ticket requests to falsely inflate interest.
These are the defining characteristics of today's youngest generation, according to demographers and other experts.
'Leaders will need to effectively spearhead change-management strategies to adjust the workplace.'
The Pew Research Center is giving the term “millennial” a new generational boundary and it’s set much sooner than some other researchers had suggested.
We look back at some of the trends in fashion and lifestyle that started taking off this year.
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2. Instagram is now bigger than Twitter The visual social network now enjoys a larger reach than Twitter, GlobalWebIndex
Trend-watchers typically pay close attention to the media and tech habits of Millennials (people aged 20-33) and Generation
They're reinforcing the movement the millennials started by making employers rethink work, motivation, reward, engagement, commitment and trust.
Maybe you think millennials are 'snowflakes'? It takes strength to say it's not okay. Their admirable honesty and courageous exploration of mental health and countless interconnecting social issues is a vital antidote to the greed and the brittle facades of the eighties. They place their faith in the power of their voice, not in the size of the padded power-shoulders on their suits.
Hell yes, I'm entitled. What's so wrong with expecting the good things in life, especially if I'm prepared to work hard to get them? And I'm not just talking about physical "stuff", I'm proud to be part of a generation that stands up and expects things like real gender equality, fights racism and other unfortunate facts of life that somehow still aren't just a thing of the past.
As Millennials enter the next stage of their lives, marketers are beginning to think they finally understand this much-discussed audience. But now there's a new group of consumers for them to worry about who are coming along with their own set of attitudes and behaviours - the so-called 'Gen Zers'.
The only way to understand the reality of GenZs is to talk to them. Explore their fears, expectations and hopes; and tailor communications to resonate.
By implementing and marketing smart mobile banking and payments systems, banks and retailers can collaborate with Generation Zs to make their lives easier.
The face of retail is changing from brick and mortar to online portals, from sweatshop produced to ethically sourced.
Our wearable tech, fashion tech (including smart textiles, wearables and soft robotics) and smart cities future is something I spend a great deal of time thinking about. How will fashion designers influence the wearable tech sector?
The maths doesn't add up for Generation Z's demographic cohort.
Our liberal counterparts in the older generations must join us. This is a revolution for everyone who believes in tolerance and progressiveness. We must challenge every instance of bigotry we encounter. We must never stay silent when prejudice is voiced. We must put pressure on our politicians, our corporations, and our acquaintances to endorse liberal values. Arguments now are better than wars later.
We need to give more young people the skills and opportunities, and empower them to inspire more than just a generation - they could create an entire social movement.
I spend most of my time with them and I find them creative, aware, emotionally intelligent and sensitive. Feeble? Never - spend a day in the life of one of these girls and you will see they are anything but feeble!
Brace yourselves: the first cohorts of Generation Z are about to march into your office. Born after 1995, Gen Z are graduating this summer and will be finding their feet in work places up and down the country not long after. The question is, are businesses prepared for their arrival?