Looking for some live new music to get stuck into? Well, you've come to the right place! As always, we've got five fantastic Emerging Icons lined up to be added to your personal gig calendar, as each of them have shows to rock your world next week.
THE BUSK is a music platform. It showcases music videos and profiles fresh, new talent. If you want to listen to sound played from the streets, you've come to the right place.
It's a Wednesday night in early January and as George Frakes takes to the stage of this cosy north London boozer, clad in a mishmash of tweed and velvet, there's an air of the English Gent to him. While the crowd at The Wheelbarrow may be rather thin on the ground, those who have turned out are reverent in their hushed appreciation.
Whether you live for the weekend or need a nice, mellow Monday- we've got five incredible shows for you to give some consideration.
Before your band can reach the heights of Coldplay or U2, you have to build your audience and that means playing as many gigs as possible.
We may very well be in the middle of preparations for our grand finale show of the Emerging Icons Live Tour this week; but that's not to say that we're not already looking ahead to what other gigs we have to look forward to.
don't despair! You may end up with no presents in your stocking on Christmas morn, but there are plenty of amazing gigs for you to head out to in the coming weeks! In fact, there were so many great shows for this particular one that our decision-making process proved to be quite a brainache. It's been really hard choosing just five, but here they are.
I don't feel the need to rid myself of inhibitions prior to a gig because, in all sincerity, the stage is one of the few places that I can be entirely myself, warts and all. If you can't amplify your neuroses and insecurities at a show then, frankly, what's the point?
Signed 500 limited edition seven inchers this morning. I felt very like Muhammad Ali. He used to sign 1000 photos of himself every morning before breakfast and dispatch them forth quipping, "Yeah, I was pretty", safe in the knowledge that the bills were covered for the day.
You want some gigs? Well, we've got 'em!