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This goat really does have a most impressive tongue. In fact, we'd go so far as to say he's got things licked. GEDDIT?! (Via
Typical. You wait ages for one funny goat video, and then two come along at once. Yes, on the same day that Daft Punks' 'Goat
To be fair to the baby pygmy goat here: when you're stuck in a farmyard with nothing around except a bit of straw, you do
We've had goats yelling like humans. We've had goats yelling like humans in pop videos (see below). Whatever next: goats
And your Unbelievably Cute Animal Video Of The Day is... this one! Yes, if you're a bit fed up of all the adult goat videos
Yes, the inevitable has happened. After goats shouting like humans and more goats shouting like humans, we now have humans
It would seem that the yelling goats of YouTube are now giddy... with success. Because following the smash hit that was 'Goats