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Godfrey Bloom has called for unemployed people to be banned from voting, in a call derided as "social apartheid". In a controversial
How can we arrest this economic and moral decline with an electoral system which gives a vote to anybody and everybody, who happens to be over eighteen years old. The system must reform, we need a complete reappraisal to reflect, as we did in the 1840s, more electoral power for those who create the revenue so disappointingly squandered by a bloated administration.
Godfrey 'Bongo Bongo' Bloom made his debut on Have I Got News For You last night, and it was everything you'd hoped and feared
Nigel Farage has demanded "we need a much more muscular defence of our Judaeo-Christian heritage," in a dramatic call ahead
Independent MEP Godfrey Bloom has revealed the sort of saucy hijinks he got up to on his stag night in a photo showing him
Godfrey Bloom knows how to be blunt. Bloom dismissing sending international aid to "Bongo Bongo Land", at another point he
Ukip is losing its "radical" edge under Nigel Farage's leadership and risks "morphing" into the same as the big three parties
Godfrey Bloom has said no "sane" person from a professional background would enter politics these days because "the vilification
In politics, it was the week of the Labour party conference, the week Godfrey Bloom left Ukip and the week Angela Merkel
Godfrey Bloom has quit as a Ukip MEP - but he's not leaving politics yet. The controversial politician had the whip unceremoniously