05/07/2016 11:13 BST | Updated 05/07/2016 11:53 BST

Nigel Farage ‘Will Be Back’ Warns Ex-Ukip MEP Godfrey Bloom

'He hasn’t just left, he hasn’t just walked away'

Nigel Farage may have played the family man card when he stepped down as Ukip leader this week, but there are rumours that might not quite be all there is to it.

The MEP, who has been one of the country’s most recognisable Eurosceptic figures over the past decade claimed he wanted his life back and alluded to strain on his family as he announced his resignation.

But former flatmate and ex Ukip MEP Godfrey Bloom has poured scorn on Farage’s claims.

Toby Melville / Reuters
Nigel Farage 'hasn't just left', insists former Ukip MEP and flatmate Godfrey Bloom 

Speaking to Nick Ferrari on LBC, Bloom insisted: “He hasn’t just left, he hasn’t just walked away.

“All this about getting back to the family… I know Nigel Farage very well, I’ve known him for 25 years. He has as little to do with his family as he possibly can.

“He’ll have a stunt in a couple of weeks and we’ll all find out then.”

Ferrari put the theory to Farage, who responded: “That’s nonsense. Of course my family has been badly neglected. But I’m opting to go back to a normal life.

Godfrey Bloom has known Farage for 25 years 

In a further thread of gossip, Ukip sources told The Express that Farage has experienced a “surge” in death threats since the Brexit vote.

The unnamed mole said Farage had given a statement to police in recent days about the threats, many of which have been made publicly on social media.

He said: “He’s been very concerned about the death threats. They have really got to him.”

As well as spending time with his wife Kirsten Mehr and his four children, Farage has cited bucolic pasttimes such as cricket, angling and military history as the new objects of his focus.

It's worth remembering Farage famously "unresigned" as party leader last May, returning to his post after the party's chairman officially announced his resignation had been rejected. 

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