godfrey bloom

I use as examples my old constituency hospitals simply because I know them personally. Hull Royal Infirmary, York, Doncaster, Leeds all have massive hospitals in or close to city centres. How do you differentiate between shoppers and hospital patients or visitors? How could you police free parking?
The primary role of the new Ukip leader is to bring together the party as best they can in the interests of its main strength, the membership. Paul is not one of the recent political carpet baggers who somehow manifested themselves at the top, he has been around for some time. Only Nuttall comes to the role of leader with unblemished provenance. He is of no faction. In point of fact on that score he is without equal.
'He hasn’t just left, he hasn’t just walked away'
Nigel Farage may have played the family man card when he stepped down as Ukip leader this week, but there are rumours that
These are deep waters for humankind yet on the anti side accusations were being made by crude use of semantics, those in favour of assisted suicide were accused of being weird or ghoulish , usually by those who had not to their immense good fortune yet experienced the lingering painful death of a loved one.
Greece has been adopted as a cause célèbre by Eurosceptics who have portrayed the debt situation as an example of EU and ECB bullying, an assault on democracy and the Greek people... Yet this approach is fraught with danger, especially here in the UK when a referendum is so close.
Does anybody imagine for a moment the regulators both sides of the Atlantic will not protect their turf, that they will voluntarily give ground, that big business in the world of crony capitalism really want to see increased competition from small and medium sized businesses?
The dilemma the party faces is having a completely autocratic, charismatic and flamboyant leader who is loved at conference but is not popular with the electorate. In any other party a leader who has been personally rejected by the electorate seven times would be unthinkable, absurd perhaps. For some years Ukip have been denying it is a one-man band and the leader does not enjoy cult status. Yet in the last few weeks that is exactly the message it has sent out.
Even Nigel Farage's fiercest critics admit he is a formidable presence in Ukip. The eurosceptic leader has repeatedly mused
A Ukip general election candidate has come under attack over a leaflet which suggests benefit claimants should be banned