A report detailing the extent of child sexual exploitation in England is under fire for playing down the race of offenders
Thousands of children are sexually exploited each year by gangs and groups in England, a new report said today. With names
Thousands of children each year are being sexually exploited by gangs in England "who humiliate, violate and control them
Men are fast catching up with women when it comes to how much they spend on looking good, according to a poll. Women spend
The ringleader of a gang of Asian men who groomed young white girls for sex has been jailed for 22 years for a "campaign
A takeaway boss arrested for inciting under-age girls into child prostitution and paying them for sex, treated his arrest
We are very concerned about plans for the new police and crime commissioners to organise and fund virtually all help for victims and witnesses. This would mean patchy local services rather than the current national backbone of support and the potential waste of £21million of tax payers' money on red tape and form filling.
The former head of Barnardo's has called for an investigation into the apparent "over-representation" of Asian men in grooming
Source: Barcroft Media A real-life Rapunzel has cut her hair for the first time to give her family the fairytale home they
I love switching it up with my beauty routine, trying new products based on claims, smell, curiosity or even just eye catching packaging. But I find that there's a hardcore of elite picks I always return to and here they are, on this weekend's Hero Product shopping lists for hair followed below by skincare.