For the man who is 'ahead of the crowd'.
Glitter beards? So last year. This season it’s all about beard jewels. When you’ve spent days, weeks, months, growing a beard
Oh, and this one. Fans seem to be pretty opinionated over the issue of Malik’s facial hair (or lack, thereof), but we reckon
The internet lost its collective mind after Harry Styles cut off his all his hair, but his new magazine shoot is sure to
I'm often asked by my fellow bearded brothers various questions about maintaining the hair we all like to let perch on the underside of our faces. In the bearded community, strangers and friends alike often discuss the best ways to manage our face rugs and keep them looking luscious.
'Scream Queens' season two just got even better.
Taylor Lautner is causing a whole lot of drama on Instagram thanks to his crazy-dramatic new hairdo. The actor has switched