This spicy avocado dip is so creamy and delicious with sweet potato wedges. Avocados are everywhere these days. You see them in smoothies, on toast with lavish toppings, and made into decadent chocolate mousse.
You can add and subtract with the various salsas and trimmings although I love the traffic light colours and the varying textures and flavours, from crunchy and creamy to sharp and sweet. Vegetarians could omit the chicken and add a bowl of crumbled feta.
It might sound like a ball-ache to make, but guacamole is actually super simple to whip up from scratch. And fellow foodies
Nothing is more invigorating or tantalising for your tastebuds than a refreshing and delicious salsa dish or guacamole dip
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There's nothing better than munching on a ripe avocado. Unless, of course, that avocado has been mushed up in a bowl to make