I'm preparing for a series of forthcoming events on Muslim majority and minority economies and to freshen up those integration debates - by proposing a new approach for Muslims. This is following the 'China Town' model of creating clearly marked and branded areas open for business and cultural exchanges fit for a non-native majority...
Pat Robertson, the high profile if slightly unhinged evangelical preacher who attributed the 9/11 attacks to God’s wrath
Masterchef winner Shelina Permaloo shares some beautiful-looking halal friendly recipes, which are great for vegetarians
Morrisons managed a spectacular double whammy of cock-ups when they apologised to a devout Muslim family for selling a vegetable
Australian nationalist politician Stephanie Banister has quit her candidacy after a series of calamitous gaffes she made
Make one gaffe in a two-minute interview and you could forgiven, but make at least three and people are going to start raising
Many stories during Ramadan have come to media attention - the serving of pork actually occurred some months ago, but the story broke in the last few days. Bigger issues of children fasting seem to be in the background.
Contaminated meat is still being identified across the UK with a batch of frozen mince supplied to six schools in Edinburgh
So how could anything be labelled as 'halal', or the more pointed 'slaughtered without stunning', if we didn't know what was in it? We are right to be concerned: what else might be in our food if we can't trace (or criminals are circumventing) the supply chain? Once you ask that question, you won't look at the meat on your plate in the same way ever again.
Major food retailers and suppliers are being summoned to an urgent meeting following a spate of mis-labelled or contaminated
The Ministry of Justice is suspending one of the suppliers of meat to prisons after it discovered that Halal pies and pasties
The more people who leave Europe through fear, persecution or distrust, the weaker we all become and the greater the threat of fractured communities.
In 2007, Sarkozy said he would be 'the president of the buying power'. He leaves the country with 10% of unemployment and a debt of 82,3% of GDP. He has not kept his promises, and it's not by throwing up a smokescreen that the French will forget his record.