Harold Pinter

"I’m getting all f***ing emotional, I don’t know what’s the matter with me."
'Sirs Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen, in a play by Harold Pinter' is a sentence that would make any theatre buff worth
Some (men) say that Pinter has just as much disdain for men. His male characters vary from a bit pathetic to utterly cruel. But the point is that the leverage they have in the world comes from more than what's between their legs.
Though it's rarely mentioned in polite company, Harold Pinter's 2005 Nobel Prize in Literature acceptance speech continues to resonate nearly ten years later... How can something not happen even while it was happening, you ask? Let me explain.
Nearly 50 years after The Servant was first released, that combination of mellow voice, strings and lyrics filled with regret - "Leave it alone. It's all gone" - remains irresistible.
"There are some things one remembers even though they may never have happened," Kristen Scott Thomas says whimsically in
Nigel Harman(Guy) and Rob Brydon (Dafydd) Cheeky and kitsch, A Chorus of Disapproval is in the nostalgic vein of the Carry
John Malkovich found losing his fortune "freeing". The actor-and-director lost more than $10 million in 2008 thanks to fraudulent