Harry Leslie Smith

In the midst of Brexit chaos, the health service is under huge strain, schools are falling apart, crime is on the increase, and climate catastrophe approaches.
Writer, veteran and activist Harry Leslie Smith has died at the age of 95. After growing up in the Great Depression in the UK, Smith was familiar with poverty and hunger. He joined the RAF and fought in WWII, after which he saw the impact of the horrors of war and spoke often of how seeing the refugees changed his life. Having lived a quiet life with his wife Freide in Canada, Harry joined Twitter in 2010 to speak out against rising populism, fear and hatred towards refugees and austerity in the UK, using stories from his own life. He wrote five books, travelled across Europe highlighting the refugee crisis, and spoke in support of the Labour party, against austerity and the underfunding of the NHS.
Second World War veteran was seriously ill after a fall in Canada.
Second World War veteran has been celebrated for anti-austerity campaigning.