It's not just about getting dumped (but that hurts, too).
Heartbreak is the worst. You sit around, you cry a lot and your appetite either disappears off the face of the Earth or arrives
Heartbreak is one of those things that's banded around all the time. It sells songs, films, papers, and statistically speaking
In the midst of hurt and pain of heartbreak, the last thing that you can imagine yourself doing is laughing and yet the benefits of doing so can be extraordinary because laughter is a natural healer. It boosts the production of serotonin, a natural anti-depressant in the body whilst also reducing the levels of stress hormones cortisol, dopamine and epinephrine.
After growing up watching a raft of great romantic movies, from Dirty Dancing to Grease, and Pretty Woman, in a home full
'I'm fine!' - my automated response when someone asks me how I am and even that is a massive overstatement. Rewind two months and I would have said 'Amazing!' or 'Really Good!' with enough gusto to ensure that whoever was asking knew that I meant it, because it was true.
So you're heartbroken. Because he or she left. Or because you realised that you had to end it. The reasons don't much matter because it hurts the same! We know that time heals all wounds but we'd just like for time to move a bit faster for the foreseeable future because what earthly use is that to you? Now?