The regeneration of Downtown has brought a surge of new energy and blood to LA's centre, and tourists are rightly making time to explore it. If you don't have a car, it's still accessible by Metro, bus or Uber. Head to Pershing Square and walk from there.
All UK commercial passenger flights using the Airbus EC225LP helicopter have been grounded by the Civil Aviation Authority
Two British couples have been named among the list of fatalities after a a helicopter crashed into a glacier in New Zealand
Four Britons are believed to have been killed in a helicopter crash on a glacier in New Zealand, the Press Association reported
Thirty people have been rescued from a tall ship which ran aground off the south coast of Ireland. The vessel hit rocks off
A revolutionary new "hybrid tilt-rotor" aircraft has set a new record for the fastest helicopter - an epically swift 302mph
Prince Harry has been wowing the crowds as part of an Army attack helicopter display team. Harry, known as Captain Wales
In the terrifying future when machines control every element of our lives, at least we'll be entertained. This dramatic light