High Fructose Corn Syrup

The chancellor has been making waves on social media ahead of the budget. Not in a good way.
Let's get one thing clear - fruit contains sugar - but so do lots of healthy foods - beans, vegetables, whole grains - all contain sugar. Even blogger's beloved quinoa has a glycaemic load higher than the grapes they go to such lengths to avoid!
In our quest for perfection we buy fattening high fructose, testicle shrinking tofu, mouldy nuts and vitamin blocking grains. We are still rendered bloated with candida, high blood sugar, calorie overdosed and in a processed food daze. Even the foods that are actually healthy often taste so bad they could kill you in a fit of choking.
I have been waiting like an over excited teenager for this trip of a lifetime which has involved three days in Honalulu on Waikiki Beach, five days in Maui, four days in Vegas and the Grand Canyon and a week in LA and I have to say that I love it!
If you can’t get through the day without a can of fizz, two sugars in your tea or a junk food binge, you are not only ruining
Ever wondered just what happens to our body when we drink fizzy drinks? We all know that cans of fizzy pop aren't the healthiest product available for us to consume but did you know that as a result of consuming them regularly, you are seriously compromising your health?