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It sounds like an absurd rant on Facebook or a tinpot blog with a minuscule following, but the conspiracy theory that either
I met today with my beautiful editor. She came rushing to our meeting to work on my next book. She looked luminous like someone who is accomplishing great stuff in her life. Her nails were chipped. I found it really attractive. What is more attractive than a driven woman expressing her gifts and struggling to work out her life?
Next year will be a big year for all politicians but for some it will be bigger than others. It's crunch time for a few, a
Hilary Clinton has delivered a staunch defence of human rights while acknowledging the "deep cultural and political differences
When Tammy Wynette recorded ‘Stand By Your Man’ in 1968, the country crooner was catapulted to superstardom. But her icon
On Wednesday morning David Cameron promised an in/out referendum on the EU and set the date for 2017. Only thing is, there
Here are the three lessons brands should take from the US election.
If President Obama loses this year, it is highly unlikely that he will run again in 2016. Only one president in US history has served non-consecutive terms and Obama would leave office with the perception that he was the man who failed to get the American economy going again. So it will be left to others to put themselves forward as possible candidates.
Chelsea Clinton has indicated her mother, Hillary Clinton, would consider running for president again and hinted that she
Around 3,500 Muslims have held a protest outside Google's London HQ demanding the removal of anti-Islam film, Innocence Of