We need to end the gender pay gap and have a culture which empowers young women so that instead of feeling guilty and embarrassed, women have the confidence that they can put people's arms and hands back where they belong, in no uncertain terms, without the need for formal or public intervention but in the knowledge that they will not face retribution and their complaint will be taken seriously.
'There is no way I could complete that awful form of shame.'
The policy will mean that tax credits are limited to two children, with an exemption for women who became pregnant as a result
As a survivor of assault myself, I can say from first-hand experience how much courage and bravery it takes to tell someone you've been violated. You sweat buckets, struggle to draw breath, shake like an ancient Nokia as you stumble on every word - trying to figure out a way of saying what you need to without saying the "R" word.
The SNP need to focus on protecting Scottish public services, Scottish education and the Scottish economy. Rather, they are fruitlessly chasing ambitions of an independent Scotland - one that, time and time again, the Scottish people have shown they do not want.
You wouldn't realise it with all the hype around the EU referendum, but today hundreds of elections will take place across
Whether Labour or the Conservatives takes second place on Thursday (May 5) is the talking point of the Scottish election. Betting company Paddy Power thinks Labour; Professor John Curtice says it could go either way.
There is something about Donald Trump and his Presidential campaign that I really like. This may sound odd for a columnist
Within the huge influx of members into the party there may come echoes of nationalism's uglier face, puffed up with notions of the innate superiority of the Scots to other races. Hence the kind of racial abuse that Yen Hongmei Jin experienced. Is the Party's Chief Executive Peter Murrell on top of his brief on this?
If the reader has been able to draw their gaze away from the new series of House of Cards they will know that there is a