Home Ownership

The revelation comes as the Tories struggle to attract younger voters.
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Just bought a new home and want to fix that tap, wall, paint and tile? Make sure you get the right kind of help.
The party will build 100,000 new homes for those struggling to get on the housing ladder
First-time buyers will be offered 100,000 new homes on the cheap as Labour tries to help those priced out of the housing
Owning your own home has long been regarded as a universal aspiration and helps unlock high levels of social mobility in the UK. But rates of home ownership among young people today are currently in free-fall - making it a distant dream for millions who do not have the luxury of relying on the bank of 'mum and dad' to get them a foot up on the housing ladder.
And I've stopped believing that politicians want to help me out.
Let's hope Mr Healey, and for that matter the new housing team in Theresa May's government, remember that the only way to improve the housing situation for everybody is to ensure that homes are plentiful and cheap. That means bearing down on demand from landlord investors, which the government is showing signs of doing already, if tentatively. And it means building homes. A lot of them. More than we can presently imagine. And if the developers won't, then the government must.
Part of the reason that young men are still living 'at home' is economic. We have grown up against the backdrop of a severe recession that has robbed us of the cheap credit and plentiful homes that were available to the men that came before us. Our earning potential and job security has also been diminished - making the big move more unlikely than it was for previous generations. The economy has not been kind to the Boomerang Boys.
We know that we can't tackle wealth inequality if we don't make access to housing more equal - the topic of my recent lecture at Mansfield College, Oxford. And we know can't reach out to young people and families on middle incomes without giving them hope and help to get on and buy a home. This is why I've set up the first major review into home-ownership in over a decade - the Redfern Review - and it's why Labour MPs last night voted against government plans to restrict the supply of affordable homes to buy.