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A dad couldn’t help but laugh when he spotted the brilliantly logical approach his son had taken to an English assignment
There are lots of reasons to choose to educate at home. School is becoming a more and more pressured experience for children; socially due to class group numbers and also academically due to testing. Teachers are being continually stretched and change is needed.
What does 2017 have in store for parenting in the UK? From TantrumXYZ's work with early adopters, the parenting business community and parenting influencers, this is what we identify as being the top 10 key trends for parenting and childcare in 2017...
I was just reading 'Is Homework Worth the Hassle?' on the BBC news website and it reminded me how much I hate the concept of homework, as directed by schools. As a home schooling mum you could be forgiven for thinking I am anti establishment. But I'm not.
'We didn’t think it was ethical for our children to be forced to go to school.'
A couple shunned traditional school education for their children and instead opted for a life-time trip around the world
Education doesn't stop outside of the classroom
Where did the summer go? Suddenly everyone’s back to school, and it’s time to knuckle down to school runs, homework and study
As my own and countless other home educating families across the northern hemisphere celebrate not going back to school next week, it occurred to me how strange it is for schools to start the new academic year at a time when the whole of nature is winding down.
“Education is a fundamental right for every child and we recognise that parents have the right to choose to educate their