Housing Benefit

George Osborne has been accused of targeting the poor and young families after he announced a government plan to cut an extra
There are so many concerns surrounding Universal Credit Iain Duncan Smith probably won't have the time to address them all today But if he is to prevent public confidence slipping away completely there are five questions he must answer when he sits down in front of the Select Committee.
It is highly unlikely that cutting off benefits would stop all desperate young people leaving intolerable domestic circumstances. In places like London, we could expect to see an increase in youth street homelessness. Meanwhile, those who do stay at home and are at risk from their own families or peers would be left stuck in an unsafe situation.
Cutting back on benefits won't solve the underlying problem: the exorbitant cost of housing. If the government wants to be truly radical, it must turn its attention to the housing market.
Dickens wrote about the workhouse and of foundlings; children literally left on steps of the parish, their parents unable or unwilling to look after them.
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David Cameron will moot slashing benefits for feckless families and young people as he warns the welfare system is causing
Hundreds of thousands of young people could be stripped of housing benefit and forced to live with their parents as part
The claim by a London council that it is being forced to move its poorest tenants up to 170 miles away because of spiralling