We hope Rosie’s story is enough for landlords and letting agents to get rid of ‘no DSS’ blanket bans
Theresa May announced the policy change just hours before a Labour debate on the issue
Vulnerable people who need extra help with their housing needs will be excluded from a cap on benefits, Theresa May confirmed
Something deeply worrying has happened to our private rented market. Since 2011, as benefits have been cut back, a black hole has started to appear in our welfare system for private renters. This black hole is the widening gap between housing benefit and rents at the very cheapest end of the private rental market.
Politicians have more to do to earn the trust of young people. Metro-mayors, notably Andy Burnham in Manchester, have placed homelessness squarely at the centre of priorities for the city-region. Given the result of the General Election, will any future government want to gamble its electoral success by ignoring voters who will be around for many elections to come?