Human Resources

Apparently a quarter of Brits will kiss at the Christmas party, with 55% of us cheeky HR professionals admitting to a festive clinch with a colleague! These types of statistics don't surprise me.
If company managers are looking for ways to increase efficiency, not to mention health and safety, they should look at the impact of drug and alcohol abuse on their workforce.
Nobody likes being stuck in traffic, but whilst for the majority of us it's just an annoying part of our everyday life, for businesses this is a far more serious issue.
In the achievement-orientated world of MMORPGs, many of the combat-related activities needed to gain points, solve quests or enhance the social capital of an avatar, hold similarities to common work tasks.
For those of you that haven't been following The Notworking Blog in the Saturday Guardian, I've been blogging since September 2011 on my journey into the worlds of social media and networking as I reinvent myself as an executive coach after many years in HR.
Is it time to think the unthinkable about the way we employ people in Britain? The question is prompted by the leaking of Adrian Beecroft's controversial report to the government, which recommends sweeping changes to aspects of UK employment law.
In the world of business, numbers speak louder than words.
People are living longer, and age need not be a barrier to coping with high pressure and high profile appointments. Think
Facebook finally launched their new Timeline feature to the world last month. Much attention has focused on the improved look and feel of the user interface, particularly the large cover photo that now dominates a Facebook profile.
The CIPD has correctly pointed out that performance management systems, properly followed afford a perfectly efficient method of exiting an under-performer from an organisation. Unfortunately for many small businesses the type of performance management systems they refer to rely on an HR capability they do not have, or consultancy they cannot afford.