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It was Broadchurch wot won it. One programme has a habit of dominating the Broadcasting Press Guild awards in recent years. Last year it was Tom Stoppard's BBC2 adaptation, Parade's End; the year before that it was the same channel's Tom Hollander sitcom, Rev.
Cute kittens, singing the praises of resourceful government departments and Hugh Grant's rom-coms is the future of the media
Former 'James Bond' star Roger Moore is to take a turn in the hot seat as a guest host on 'Have I Got News For You'. The
What on earth has happened to the national reserve and emotional continence for which we Brits were once internationally famed? Where is the 'stiff upper lip' attributed to 'good Queen Bess' and the Duke of Wellington by George and Ira Gershwin in 1937?
It is a surprise, and rather a pleasant one, that The Establishment club is to make a muted return to Soho over 50 years
Having been scared half out of my mind last Saturday night when Johnson's voice came booming out of the bus shelter I was sitting in at midnight, I'm probably not the only one looking forward to the Games being over. If nothing else, it should take him off our front pages and back into City Hall or, at the very least, the presenting chair of Have I Got News For You, where you can rely on Ian Hislop to keep him in his place. You yearned to see Hislop pop up in the aforementioned Proctor & Gamble salon with some sharp quip to de-cheese the moment.
So, ol' Dirty Digger himself - Keith Rupert Murdoch - appeared in front of the Leveson inquiry today. For a serious round
How Milly Dowler’s voicemails were deleted is “not the prime issue” the editor of the Guardian, the paper that broke the
The number of celebrities hiding behind super-injunctions has fallen dramatically, Britain's top newspaper editors have confirmed
Private Eye is Britain's best loved, and indeed only, fortnightly satirical magazine. It was founded back in October 1961