Authorities in the Czech Republic have found horse meat in Ikea meatballs, the company has confirmed. The Swedish furniture
n the past couple of weeks you may or may not have seen the new Ikea ad featuring an emerging underground act with one of their songs plucked from near obscurity into the popular stratosphere known as Prime Time.
Alcohol has done so much for me. So many objects and people set on fire, so many traffic cones and shopping trolley races, so many kebabs, and even a few pretty girls. So many wonderful, hazy memories.
Home movies of Darwin the Ikea monkey brushing his teeth, wearing dungarees and sucking a dummy have emerged, all filmed
Searching for a perfect new sofa or a nice new kitchen table? Would you like a hefty handful of sexism along with it? Then it's time to head to IKEA. The latest news from the giant Swedish flat-pack company reveals that in the Saudi Arabian version of their catalogue, IKEA has helpfully removed all women from the photographs.
Swedish furniture giant IKEA have made a public apology for removing images of women from their Saudia Arabia catalogue. The
Today marks the 25th anniversary of Ikea stores in Britain. In 1987, Ikea's iconic yellow and blue building first appeared
Officially Fresher's Week marks the start of the academic year when the new students are welcomed into university life. We learn to navigate our way around campus, we join societies, we socialise and form new friendships. We find out that it's not a good idea to wash mixed colours with white clothes, that pizzas easily burn and that we don't need six kettles in one flat.
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If I was IKEA right now, I'd be worried; there's a new technology in town that's going to change their world just as much as the move to digital changed the music industry. That technology is 3D printing.