In less than 24 hours, more than 2000 people have joined a petition campaign started on calling on the Home Office to halt the deportation of Robert Segwanyi to Uganda, where he was imprisoned and tortured for being gay.
The Australian government recently resorted to using YouTube to deter asylum seekers from attempting to enter Australia illegally
Politicians and journalists alike have been left scrambling to explain the motives behind this week's rioting to a baffled
The Australian government is to post on YouTube images of so-called boatpeople being turned away and sent to Malaysia, in
MPs have highlighted concerns about Turkey’s potential accession to the European Union, warning the country needs to tighten
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- Police will work with foreign countries to stop trafficked women and children arriving in Britain rather
The Home Secretary has told MPs there will be no formal inquiry into phone-hacking allegations at the News of the World until
The Home Office is to carry out a review of the rules that allow immigrants to bring their families into the UK, it has been