Symptoms of long Covid include ongoing fatigue, loss of taste or smell, respiratory and cardiovascular problems and mental health issues.
"The risk of having a severe outcome from Covid-19 far outweighs any theoretical risk of a vaccine," Robin Shattock told BBC Question Time.
October marks Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month - a time to grieve the babies who we lost and to raise awareness to let the one in four women know that they are not alone in their pain.
Other MP's followed describing their own personal experience of both pregnancy loss and infant loss, this subject was not just a female problem as the male MP's also had stories to share, which were heartbreaking.
It seems to me, after seeing a dear friend die over a prolonged period, as he endured the debilitating side effects of chemotherapy in a last ditch attempt to gain a few more precious days/weeks with his family, that anything we can do to make the treatment more bearable, let alone more successful than some of the current treatment options, has got be a good thing.
A new study to come from the US has seen the production of 'glow in the dark' cats to help in the fight against HIV. The