The study comes days after the government faced questions over why those from BAME backgrounds are not mentioned on the vaccine priority list.
The Metropolitan Police is understood to be actively looking at about 20 to 30 cases.
Often what people need is simple.
While social media sites, and even presidents may rise and fall, until we as individuals accept that the truth is not something that can be switch on and off at our convenience
My story ends on a good note, I make a full recovery. Yet others are less lucky than I
There is no one size fits all solution to this incredibly complex issue. Every homeless person is an individual with their own unique set of needs
Parliament has become a modern-day Lord of the Flies: free from scrutiny and the consequences that would normally flow from actions of this nature
He is a psychologist, not a political philosopher, and no doubt he is a very good one. But it does grate a little to see him receive so much praise for spouting nonsense
There is much discussion about environments these days: how to preserve our environment and exposure to the damage that thoughtless human activity is causing. 'Environment' refers to the surrounding in which we live. Babies' environments are the relationships they have with those who care for them.
In life being different is a strength not a weakness. As an entrepreneur I have always wanted to stand out from the crowd and demonstrate my individuality. I learnt very early in my business life that you do not need to imitate others and found many people try so hard to be different that they actually just become poor clones of someone else.