inheritance tax

Resolution Foundation report recommends string of tax rises to fund the NHS and social care.
Think tank’s radical call follows debate over "wealth taxes" to foot bill of pandemic.
John McDonnell accuses Boris Johnson of allowing the "super-rich" to buy access to “tax breaks and corporate giveaways”.
Move would be seen as a handout to rich people.
There is nothing nice about loss. The grief and mourning families go through when faced with the deaths of loved ones can be extremely traumatic. With that in mind, it seems simply wrong to take from families at times like these.
While others highlighted statistics around inheritance tax which provide perspective to the debate. Just 3.1% of deaths were
You couldn't make it up. A Chancellor who is happy to see those with the least income lose most, yet with the same stroke of his pen, gives those who are already fortunate in life another bung. You wonder why, during these straightened times, this could possibly be a priority... This inheritance tax cut is wrong, not just because we can't afford it, but also because it does absolutely nothing to give those children least likely to succeed a fair crack of the whip. The Labour party I will lead would never support such a decision, and I'm calling on Labour to table relevant amendments to the finance bill to make this clear.
If you have any lingering doubts about the difference the Liberal Democrats made in government over the last five years, the Budget policies announced by George Osborne this afternoon should dispel them. Just look at the choices Osborne makes without Nick Clegg and Danny Alexander to push him in another direction. At a time when 6.6million people in working families live in poverty, he's hitting some of the poorest and most vulnerable - and, incidentally, hardest-working - families by freezing working-age benefits, which amounts to a real terms cut of 11% over four years.
Chancellor George Osborne is expected to use his first all-Conservative Budget on Wednesday to deliver the party's promise