A police investigation into the death of a 14-year-old found hanged in her bedroom uncovered no evidence that she was the
A schoolboy of 13 hanged himself after he ran up a £420 bill on his mother' credit card to buy X-box computer games. Henry
An advocacy group has challenged the verdict of an inquest which states a mother-of-three’s death was a direct result of
It's not often that you find yourself in the middle of what might turn into a hostile crowd at eight in the evening. It's not often that you watch press photographers jostling for position, surrounded by angry onlookers and see faces of people who have just been on the news. It's not often that happens to me and it's not often that it happens round the corner from my house. That's where I found myself this week after the verdict from the inquest on the death of Mark Duggan. When you live in Tottenham, that verdict - for the rest of the nation something to tweet about or to discuss in the office the next morning - becomes suddenly the source of consternation.
A Red Arrows aerial display team pilot who died after he was ejected from his cockpit had used Night Nurse the evening before
Mark Duggan was clutching a mobile phone in his hand when he was shot dead by armed police, a witness has told an inquest
An inquest will be held today into the death of actor Paul Bhattacharjee, whose body was found near cliffs two days after
The NHS has admitted failing an 18-year-old student who took her life mere weeks into her first year of university, after
The family of the first person to be killed on a "Boris bike" watched as the moment she was knocked off her wheels by a lorry
David Hockney's assistant died after drinking acid at the painter's home, an inquest has been told. Dominic Elliott, 23, had