With your help, we can create a reality where no one has to worry about affording their insulin and supplies and where no one lacks an understanding of their condition or suffers unnecessarily because they were born somewhere without adequate or affordable care.
This is seriously good news for diabetic patients.
An artificial pancreas treatment could be a reality for diabetes patients by 2018. Scientists at the University of Cambridge
As a type one diabetic, I have to think like a pancreas. Whereas a normal, 'healthy' person's pancreas releases the amount of insulin it needs to regulate the body's blood glucose levels, mine doesn't. For reasons unknown, my immune system destroyed its insulin-producing beta cells - so I have to inject the insulin myself.
It's not vastly complex but nevertheless competent training can be a tad complicated. However the one great benefit of this is it completes dispels the ludicrous lean in 15 and get fit in a week style plans, which are bandied about all to frequency as quick fix solutions.
It's important to pick the right snack at the right time, to keep energy levels up and bridge the gap properly. A snack made up of a complex carb, a healthy fat, and clean protein will increase your energy levels for a longer period of time.
Carbohydrates tend to increase our hunger due to the insulin-stimulating effect of blood sugar. Also our ability to binge on them is much higher than on fatty foods. How much pure butter could you eat compared with an unlimited supply of cakes, ice cream, chips, chocolates etc? Is this where we are going wrong?
Imagine going to a doctor in Sweden. You are overweight or perhaps borderline diabetic and you are worried and want to know what to do.
World Diabetes Day is a global awareness day that shines a spotlight on diabetes. Why is it relevant? In Asia, the BBC says
Both chickpeas and butter beans are low on the Glycaemic Index and both work equally well in this salad – so take your pick
When home secretary Theresa May announced that she had Type 1 diabetes, she said that it had been difficult to isolate the
Catching up on lost sleep may be one way to reduce the risk of diabetes, according to new research. Scientists found that
As National Stress Awareness Day is upon us, the question is: why is the term adrenal fatigue still controversial in the mainstream medical community?
Yet another reason why ginger is a must-have on the supermarket shopping list. Not only does its fragrance transform a stir
A type of immune system cell plays a key role in the development of type-2 diabetes, research suggests. Neutrophils, which
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Hungarian diabetics will be ‘punished’ if they fail to stick to their healthy eating diet by being banned from having modern
Sweet-toothed pregnant women could be putting their unborn babies at risk of being sugar-addicts when they're born. Health
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- A woman has been arrested after a care home resident died and two others were taken to hospital. The
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- A 27-year-old nurse charged in connection with the alleged contamination of saline at a hospital is