Northern Ireland Deputy First Minister and former IRA commander Martin McGuinness could be set for a historic first meeting
Police had advance warning of a planned IRA operation which ended with two gunmen being shot dead by the SAS, an inquest
The parents of a schoolboy killed when he triggered an IRA bomb in Londonderry in 1973 believe Martin McGuinness knows who
Ian Paisley's family are maintaining a bedside vigil as the 85-year-old remains in intensive care, according to reports on
Hollywood actor Martin Sheen has declared himself proud of his uncle's IRA past. The star said he was also relieved to discover
A bold novelist takes the big bite - life and death, the metaphors within, identity and symbolism. Lucy Caldwell grew up in Northern Ireland, a fertile ground for all of that. She was not tribal, yet not entirely free from the intersection of death, once the signpost to the province.
ITV has been forced to remove a new flagship documentary from its Player after admitting footage from an IRA propaganda video
Presidential hopeful Martin McGuinness has denied ever killing anyone during his time in the IRA. The Sinn Fein candidate
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- Northern Ireland Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness would be willing to host the Queen if he were